Fort Collins, Colorado

Holman Cement contracted Western Refractory to retrofit its Polysius preheater which Western had installed as new several years previously.  The project involved the installation of a venture section in the calciner, along with a new heat exchanger, two new dedusting cyclones, and a hot air duct.  Refractory linings consisted of two component gunite linings everywhere with the exception of the riser feeder shelf, which was formed and casted.  1542.24 t of refractory were installed during the course of this project.

Devil's Slide, Utah

Holnam, Inc. called upon Western Refractory to install refractory linings in the new Devil’s Slide Plant in Morgan, Utah.  This is a new plant with a 5-stage preheater and pyro top calciner, a 4.5 m kiln incorporating the 1st pendulum type cooler by IKN.  Western played an intricate role in this project.  The design of the refractory system was worked on for weeks, as well as procurement and installation.  The preheater was bricked everywhere possible.  Below stage 2 was formed and poured and above stage 2 was gunite.  The entire cooler was formed and poured.  The tertiary air duct was bricked end to end with three mitres and one 95° elbow.  A total of 65 men worked on the project at its peak, using 3311.28 t of refractory material, of which 1134 t were speciality monolithics.