Port Arthur, Texas

We have a customer in Port Arthur Texas that thermally incinerates waste. We were scheduled for a shutdown for them in early October. On Saturday the 13th of September the Gulf Coast was hit with a hurricane that devastated this region wiping out their infrastructure.

We had been in constant contact with our contact person and they had shutdown and evacuated the plant site. On Wednesday the 17th we had been informed of the devastation that they had suffered. Their was at that time no access to the facility all roads were blocked with debris and etc. On the 18th we had devised a plan to get the personnel to plant site that would be required to make repairs. We were faced with many obstacles the 1st was somewhere to house and support the personnel.

We took in travel trailers, generators, food, water, and supplies to support our people and set up a camp. 

We were able to make needed repairs for plant before power and water were restored saving the customer valuable time and money once infrastructure was repaired.

With a Hurricane of this magnitude and a geographical location their were a lot of issues their were alligators snakes and other swamp critters that had to be dealt with daily, fresh water had to be trucked in to support refractory repairs and of coarse generators that could support our equipment and their was a great lack of this kind of equipment in the region.

Repairs were completed ahead of schedule and a happy client resulted.